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How To Promote Your Business On Facebook

If you’re like most small business owners, you’re always looking for new ways to create buzz and awareness around your business, and having a Facebook business page is a great way to do this. However, your Facebook page is only as good as the number of people who see it. Here are some free and easy ways to promote your business’s Facebook page and start seeing followers turn into customers.

1. Make sure your page is set up correctly

This may sound obvious, but if your page isn't set up and optimized correctly, the rest of the steps were going to tell you about will be pointless. To create a business page, you need to log into Facebook, click ‘pages’ on the left hand side and then ‘create new page.’ To get started, you'll need to upload a profile picture, a cover photo, and basic information about your business, for example what type of company you run? Your next step is to start optimising your page, this means writing your About Us section, adding business info like your website and business hours, and including a call-to-action button such as ‘Book Now." Then it’s the time to start thinking about what you're going to post, have a look at your competitors and see what's doing well for them, you can take inspiration from these, just make sure to add your own spin on it!

2.Set up giveaways and contests

Offering your customers an incentive is a great way to get people engaging with you, you can get people liking, sharing and even tagging their friends under your post. Fun things like this are a great way to increase brand awareness and help to get new customers

3.Interact, interact, interact

In order to show up in your follower's feeds, you need to be interacting with them, make sure to respond to any questions or comments you get and keep participating within your community. You can also interact with similar businesses or influencers in your niche, this gives you potential for cross-promotional marketing.

4. Use Facebook Ads

Facebooks advanced targeting options has quickly become one of the most popular ways for businesses to market themselves, they can help your business get more visibility on your Facebook content and also boost traffic to your website. You can learn how to do this yourself or you can get the professionals to help you!

5. Share your reviews

Your customers make your company, so share feedback and encourage other potential customers to make a purchase. Posting your reviews is a great way to engage other customers, build trust or even start a conversation. If you don’t have any customer feedback, get some! Customer reviews are very important for small businesses. You can even get your regular customers to post about your business, meaning more people are learning about you and you can repost it and create easy content for yourself.

Pro tip: Make sure to add a location to your if you have one so users can check in when they’re at your business.

The better quality Facebook page you have, the more other will promote it for you.


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