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5 Social Media Tips Your Small Business Needs

Social media is the best way to increase your brand awareness without having to spend the big bucks on paid ads. Of course, you’ll need put time and effort in if you want to create high quality and engaging content, but you’ll be able to do this with your phone and just a few simple tools.

Our number 1 tip is be consistent:

Don’t fall into the trap of giving up if you don’t see results straight away. Social media growth can be slow but if you stay consistent and put effort in, you’ll get your desired results. This means you have to post at least once a week in order for your brand to be clear on your profile. You want it to be clear to potential customers what your company offers, what to expect from you and what your voice is. If these aren't obvious on first glance, you’ll be pushing potential customers away.

Remember quality over quantity:

Everything you post should add value. Don’t post for the sake of posting, if you think your content isn't relevant or up to your usual standard, just leave it. If you need to post but are having a creative block, try reposting relatable content from a similar brand who isn't a direct competitor of yours or sharing user generated content. You should keep this idea in mind when deciding what platforms to post on also, most small businesses focus on Facebook and Instagram, but if you’re target audience are slightly younger, TikTok is where you should focus your efforts.

Don’t be scared to experiment with different content:

You might have found something that works for you and feel obligated to stick to that one format, but social media is evolving every day and as new features are added, user behaviour quickly changes. Make sure to mix up your formats every now and again, for example on Instagram you can post static content, videos, reels, stories and even live streams. Try and incorporate these into your posting whilst sticking to your brand style.

Jump on new trends:

This relates to both platforms and content. A great example of this is TikTok, which was originally only viewed as a platform to entertain younger generations, now most of the biggest well-known brands have jumped on the TikTok band wagon and use it to increase their reach and awareness.

Our stable tools to get you started:

Canva is one of the best tools for creating content which looks like it’s been made by a graphic designer. There are thousands of templates to choose from so you don’t have to start from scratch with every post, you can also find a variety of editing tools and free images to choose from.

Google Analytics, for you guessed it, analytics. This platform allows you to track all the metrics you’ll need, you can see how many visitors are coming from social media, how long their sessions are, conversion rates and much more.

Meta Business Suite is the perfect free scheduling tool for small businesses who are just interested in posting to Facebook and Instagram. It allows you to schedule content in advance and even suggests the best times to post to get the most engagement.

Growing your social media accounts as a small business is really exciting, each new follower feels like a milestone. Use these new tips and tools to get started and you’ll see big results in no time!


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