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TikTok Myths Debunked

Since TikTok first blew up, many marketers have thought about hopping on the trend, but common misconceptions about the app have got in the way. For example, isn’t it an app for teens to lip-sync and dance? We’re here to debunk the top 5 myths about TikTok and to hopefully help you decide if it’s worth you getting involved with in 2023.

Myth 1: TikTok is only for young people

Although TikTok started out with a predominantly younger audience, as the app is growing its audience is quickly getting older! In fact, in 2022, 52% of TikTok's users were 35 or older! Shockingly, there's also been a decline in younger users since 2021 meaning Gen Z are now actually in minority of users.

Myth 2: You can only go viral if you have thousands of followers

Unlike Instagram and Twitter, you don’t have to rely on your followers to see engagement. TikTok focuses more on their algorithm and that’s what helps you go viral. Now what is the algorithm you may ask? It’s the way that TikTok pinpoints users that may like your videos based on their previous search history, location and the hashtags and then TikTok puts you on their FYP. You need to remember even if your first video doesn’t blow up, TikTok still wants you to do well, they’re constantly testing out different algorithms to push your video to the right people. To help you with this, you can always utilize trending sounds and hashtags (even if it seems embarrassing) to help more people outside your immediately following to see your business.

Myth 3: TikTok is just for entertaining videos

When you think of TikTok the first thing that comes to mind is probably dancing and lip-syncing videos, but as the app has grown more diverse, so has the content. No matter what niche your business is in, they’ll be an audience whose interested in your content. There's also a chance to earn through the app with the creation of TikTok shop, this feature allows businesses and creators to sell directly on TikTok through links on their videos and even on live streams.

Myth 4: TikTok is just a trend it will fade

We all know some social media platforms come and go quickly, and brands may be worried about putting their time and effort into an app which will only be short lived. Although this is a possibility (as with every social media app) short videos are completely dominating the social media sphere, so if TikTok was to have a sell-by-date, users will crave the same type of content and will most likely move to a similar app. Despite the ‘what ifs’ surrounding TikTok, they’re racking in over a billion active users, and as marketers you need to be where your audience is, and in 2023, that’s TikTok.

And there you have it, our top TikTok myths debunked, if you need help with getting your TikTok set up then contact us today!


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