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The Ultimate Guide To Social Media for Ecommerce

As of 2022 there are 4.62 billion social media users worldwide. Social media ecommerce is helping these consumers discover new brands, whilst also helping brands to build awareness, advertise their products and connect with customers.

Keep reading to find out our top tips to use social media ecommerce to grow your business.

What is social media ecommerce marketing? Whilst it may sound complicated, social media ecommerce marketing is essentially just using social media to promote your online store by building brand awareness, driving traffic to your website and promoting your products or services.

How can I use social media For Ecommerce?


The global ad reach on social media is huge and is rapidly growing, paid advertising allows you to reach those who don’t already follow you and who probably have never heard of your business. The reach from social media ads according to Hootsuite is:

  • 2.17 billion on Facebook Ads

  • 1.44 billion on Instagram Ads

  • 1.02 billion on TikTok Ads

  • 849.6 million on LinkedIn Ads

These channels also all have advanced targeting options meaning you can identify your exact target audience and narrow down who you want to advertise to. The goals you have will also dictate the choices you make with your ads. For example, a goal to drive brand awareness is best suited to:

  • Image, video or carousel

  • Engagement, store visit and ad impressions

2.Customer Service

Using social media as the main hub of your business allows you to put lots of effort into the customers you already have, as well as working on gaining new ones. The way you handle both positive and negative feedback can have a big impact on how people view your brand. If you respond quickly and have an effective solution, you may even turn negative feedback into positive. As well as providing a good customer experience, social proof should also be an encouraging factor to have an active social profile. Potential customers can see how you interact with your customers and this will impact if they want to make a purchase.

3.Social Listening

Social listening is the process of scanning social media for mentions of your brand or other relevant topics. This will help you gain valuable insights such as:

  • Your customers opinions on products

  • Any issues that may keep arising

  • See what competitors are doing

  • The general feeling towards your brand

4.Build Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness can be a long and tiring process but it's extremely useful in the long run. There's no better place to do this than on social media, to successfully build brand awareness you need to create a voice behind your brand which can be seen consistently through your posts on socials. Our top tips to help are:

  • Show off your personality

  • Show off your values

  • Be consistent

  • Respond to feedback

Billions of people are present across social platforms so it's essential for the growth of your business for you to have a presence on these platforms. You'll be able to nurture and grow a stronger relationship with your customers which will eventually lead to easy selling to a loyal audience.


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