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Social Media Marketing Myths

Much of what we’ve come to believe about social media and content marketing is wrong. Despite the fact that data has disproven a number of marketing myths, some of us still hold onto a few, simply because it's hard to keep up-to-date on what's really going on with social media.

1. My customers don’t use social media

In 2021, 3.7 billion people used social media worldwide with 67% of the UK alone admitting to using at least one platform. Therefore, even if your customers aren't using professional sites like LinkedIn, it’s more than likely they’ll be active on either Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, one of which will most certainly align with your brand! Do your research to see what platform is most useful for you, and what ones you can give a miss.

2. More followers boost your brand

The amount of engagement you receive is far more crucial than how many followers you have. Whilst having a good following is somewhat important, there's no point in having hundreds and thousands of followers if only a small minority engages with your posts. Make sure you’re posting content that’s relevant to your industry and keep an eye on what your followers seem to be enjoying and focus on that!

3. Social Media is mainly used by young people

When talking about social media myths, how can we ignore the most common? That social media is youth orientated. Whilst, yes, many young people do use social media, it doesn’t mean the older generation aren't as well. 40% of internet users aged 46-55 were on LinkedIn at the end of 2020, and around 55% of Facebook users are over 35. It’s more than likely that no matter the age of your audience, they’re active on social media, so make sure that your content takes into account every type of user.


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