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Our top 3 video editing apps to create the best content

Using a video editing app is critical for creating a winning video marketing strategy, even if you already have a good quality camera on your phone, you’ll need to find an app to help you edit the footage into something to keep the viewers engaged.

The good news is there are several free and cheap video editing apps you can download that change your videos from super simple to Hollywood-level productions.

  • Splice

Splice allows you to quickly and easily put together multiple clips on your phone to creating a ‘moving collage,’ it even contains a music library for you to add to your finished product, or you can take the sound from a video on your phone and place it over the top. You can also trim and edit the different pieces of video and customize transition lengths from one scene to the next.

  • Adobe Premier Rush

This free app gives us a sneak peek into the Adobe Premier Pro app for desktop. You can trim, drag, and drop multiple video clips right from your mobile device. Then, just add proper lighting to make your video go from amateur to professional and just share your final product.

  • Hyperlapse

This app was created by Instagram themselves and allows you to speed up and condense your videos and post them to Insta or Facebook. You can choose from multiple speeds and it even shows you how long the video is compared to real time. This is a good option is you wanted to show something that takes a while such as a building process or cooking video


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