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How to overcome Imposter Syndrome

Being a new businessowner can often create panic, that you're out of your depth and soon everyone else will find that out. This is known as Imposter Syndrome. Overcoming imposter syndrome starts with recognizing your own potential and taking ownership of your achievement.

1. Separate feelings from facts: Override your insecurity with reason - you know more than you think.

2. Take a physical note of your accomplishments: When you start to doubt yourself, it's useful to have a tangible reminder of your successes - maybe an email from a client praising your work, or a qualification certificate.

3. Stop comparing: Focus on measuring your own achievements instead of holding them up against others’.

4. Remember that smart, high achieving people most often deal with imposter syndrome - So the very fact that you recognize it in yourself says a lot about you!

5. Talk to someone who knows you well - they'll reinforce that your imposter feelings are irrational (but understandable).


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