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How To Go Viral on TikTok In 2022:

TikTok is set to be the fasting growing Social Media platform of 2022, so one question all brands should be asking is: how do I go viral on TikTok? To increase your chances and hopefully your sales, we recommend you follow these TikTok tips and tricks:

1. Use Trending Audios

Sound is up there with the most important part of your TikTok's. It’s the starting point for the majority of your videos and it’s what's going to grab users' attention. When having a scroll through, keep an eye (or an ear) out for sounds that keep appearing as these are most likely trending at the moment.

2. Stitch Trending Videos

Stitching is a great way to expand your reach as it allows you to combine an already made video with one you’re making yourself, doing this with the best performing videos in your niche is a great and fun way to reach your target audience. Use the search bar to find the videos you want to stitch, type in some key words relating to your business and take your pick.

3. Reply to Comments

Engaging with your followers and encouraging them to interact with you helps to create a sense of community as well as increasing your chances of going viral. You can even reply to comments with a video, this allows you to go into more detail and helps you to create content and answer questions that your followers really want to know about.

4. Make Sure Your Content Is Relatable and Funny

Whilst there aren't any specific rules to what will go viral, being funny and relatable can really help. This is especially important for businesses, no one wants to go on TikTok and see a serious sales pitch, if your videos come across as authentic and humorous, you’ll really cater to the TikTok crowd.

5. Create ‘How To’ Videos

How to videos are a great way to add value to your videos without sounding too ‘salesy’ whilst also allowing you to look like an expert in your niche. For example, if you’re a fashion business you could post how to wear different items, how to get into the industry or how to find your personal style videos.

TikTok is unlike any other platform out there and requires you to get a bit more creative than normal to see results, make sure to use these tips to start your journey to going viral.


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