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How to combine Instagram and Email to get the most out of your marketing

Email is one of the most trusted marketing tactics which has been used for years and years, and rightly so. However, over the past few years social media marketing has proven to be just as, if not even more effective. Instead of keeping these two elements of marketing separate, we’ll teach you how to combine Instagram and Email marketing to get the best of both worlds!

1. Promote Your Instagram Account in Your Emails

Instagram posts are likely to be seen by your followers for a day or two but then get lost in a sea of posts after a while, this is why email marketing is perfect as newsletters sit in your inbox waiting to be opened. One of the easiest ways to promote your Instagram in your newsletters is to just add your social media icons at the bottom of the newsletters, this helps generate more followers and get audiences from different channels.

2. Actively Promote Your Newsletter on Instagram

Your Instagram followers may not even know that you have a newsletter, which is why it’s important to promote it on Instagram. You can't add URLs into post captions, so instead you can put the link in your bio which will take your followers to a landing page where there's an option to sign up to the newsletter.

3. Make posts about your Newsletter

You can use pictures of your newsletter as easy content ideas and post onto your stories or your actual feed to show how engaging and informative your newsletter is. Don’t forget to mention the link to sign up is in your bio!

4. Use Instagram stories

Although they disappear after 24 hours, stories create high engagement due to the urgency they create, furthermore, people get to choose whose stories they see meaning they're most likely interested in the content you put out. You can use the high engagement stories bring to promote your newsletter by adding a link leading to the sign-up page, this means the viewers don’t only see your newsletter but can easily be directed to sign up.


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