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How To Boost Your Social Media Conversion Rate

Social media has more power over our purchasing habits than ever before, with Instagram and Facebook being the top two channels for people to research their potential purchases. However, turning this research into actual sales is where it can get tricky. Social media platforms are generally used for our own entertainment, therefore potential customers become too distracted to think about buying your products or services when scrolling in their free time. Here are a few ways you can get started with driving traffic and turning it into sales.

1.Make sure your profiles are set up correctly

Even though this sounds obvious, it’s a step a surprising number of businesses are missing. Upon clicking your profile, it should be clear to consumers what you do, your bio should have links which take you straight to your website/store, you should have a clear description of your business and your profile should look professional yet engaging.

2.Videos and conversion rates go hand in hand

There's a reason why all the big brands we know and love heavily focus on video posts and ads, they show off your products being used and are also a lot more eye-catching than a static post. You don’t need a big budget to make them either, there are many free tools which allow you to make super quick and easy videos therefore increasing your sales.

3.Listen to your data

Do you know what content is performing the best on your account? What’s causing the most traffic to head to your website? If the answers I don’t know, then you need to start analysing your data. By understanding what does well and what doesn’t, you can adjust your content and put out posts which cause optimum conversions. If you don’t mind spending money to find out more information, Facebook and Instagram allow you to split test your paid ads (run two versions of the same promo) and find out what works best. Don’t worry, no brand is going to have this right from day 1, but keep experimenting and you’ll get there.

4.Consistency is key

When you think of conversions you may not think of branding, but having a consistent colour theme, logo and imagery is a big deal. Switching your branding up as a potential customer is deciding if they should buy from you can be disorientating and could potentially make you lose a sale.

5.Sell on your socials

Most social media apps now have the options for consumers to purchase products without having to even leave the app, this can be really useful as it means you don’t have to direct traffic from a post to a website. Having a quick purchasing process means it less likely people are going to get distracted and abandon their cart. Making the process as seamless as possible can really help convert traffic to sales.

Sales don’t happen by accident; every company needs a strategy if they want to generate sales from their social media. If you need help converting traffic to sales, read more about our social media services here!


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