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Great Campaign Ideas For Social Media

Social media is everywhere, and it isn't going anywhere. So even if your products and services are decidedly "low tech" you need to have a social media presence. With a well-planned social media campaign, you create brand awareness, lay the foundation upon which to build a community, and drive sales. To help you in perfecting an easy social media strategy, here are 7 ideas to inspire you.

1)  Make your own Branded Hashtag

Use social media to express your brands values while speaking directly to your customers. Your online reputation is important. Create a hashtag for customers to give reviews and testimonials. This builds your brand while not seeming overly promotional – we use #getdynamicanddigital

2)  Post Offers As part of your overall marketing campaign, you can promote offers and discounts on social media. This helps spread awareness about your brand and encourages new customers who have not yet tried your products or services to do so!

3)  Put Your Customers on social media Current customers make the best brand ambassadors, so showcase them by liking or sharing posts of them using your brand. You can also have them write testimonials and talk about how your products have helped out.

4)  Engage with your audience- don’t make it a one-way conversation

Something as simple as responding to a positive comment can inspire your community to create and share content about your brand with photos or videos. You can create campaigns around product launches, conferences, etc, or make it an ongoing activity and keep your customers interacting and the content coming in.

5)  Include Calls-to-Action

People are more likely to interact and engage with your brand/post if you include CTAs on your posts. Ask them to sign up, learn more, or leave a comment. This can increase your CTR, engagement, and the overall success of your social media campaigns and therefore your business.

6)  Vlogging

Customers prefer watching vlogs over reading a blog or social media posts. Vlogging parts of any event on social media creates more buzz, encourages interaction with attendees, and shows all the highlights to those who couldn't attend themselves.

7)  Hashtags and Trends

Create a new hashtag for any event you host. You can reply to attendees, answer questions, give directions to your booth, etc. Everyone will be able to see the events success and you're showcasing brand personality. We've already mentioned hashtags on this list, but in this case, they can be both brand-building as well as practical.


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