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Fun Instagram Story Ideas to Increase Engagement In 2022

Are you struggling with getting your followers to engage with you? Then Instagram stories are the perfect way to go, they help to create that sense of urgency and excitement that regular posts lack, and with all the different features, what’s not to love?

1. Quiz Your Followers

A quiz is a fun way for your audience to find out more about themselves or to be tested on their knowledge whilst also allowing you to find out more about your followers. Make sure to keep the questions light hearted and fun so people aren’t scared away.

2. Create a Poll

Polls are not only engaging for your audience but can be really useful to gain insights into your audiences' thoughts and opinions. The best thing about polls is they can be about virtually anything, you can ask about favourite trends, purchasing habits, and even feedback on your company. Conducting polls are also a great way to think of new content ideas based on what your audience enjoy, meaning you’ll get interaction on both story and static posts.

3. Repost Your Customers

Showing off your customers posts allows you to continue building a relationship with your current customers whilst also attracting new ones. By reposting people using your products and services, this serves as a testimonial to your brand and helps to create more trust with your audience.

4. Introduce Your Team and Share Behind the Scene Footage

Consumers now more than ever want to see the faces behind the brand when shopping with smaller businesses, introducing your team to your followers allows them to feel involved in your community whilst also helping you to differentiate yourself from other companies. Another great way to do this is sharing behind the scene footage, this indicates trust between you and your followers and also gets them exciting for what you have coming next. You’ll be able to tell what BTS footage your audience enjoys the most over time and you can focus on these.

5. Celebrate Your Milestones

You need to keep in mind the idea of building a family with your followers, another great way to do this is to celebrate with them. Show off your milestones, is it your companies' birthday? Have you reached 10k followers? No matter how big or small make sure to celebrate! This is the perfect opportunity to offer a giveaway or discount code which you know will get your followers talking.

6. Promote New Posts

The never ending Instagram algorithm changes may prevent your posts from being shown to your desired audiences, so putting your new posts on your story is a great way to ensure the majority of your audience sees your content. You can even add a ‘new post’ sticker over your image to push people to click on real post, this is a huge engagement booster!

7. Start a Countdown

The best way to create excitement around a new launch or event is to start a countdown using the countdown sticker. You can set a timer which shows how long it is until an event starts, it’s a super quick and easy way to promote yourself which is guaranteed to draw attention to yourself.


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