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​Common blogging mistakes and how to fix them

Most of a blog's traffic comes from consumers searching for something on the internet and then clicking your blog if it matches their intended topic. However, there are a lot of companies to compete with, so it's important to avoid common blog mistakes to make sure you stand out.

Mistake 1 - You think of ideas that only interest/resonate with you

Solution 1 – Your blog should have natural tie-ins to issues people face in your industry or ways to help them improve their job. Don’t write about personal experiences on a company blog, they won't be relatable or helpful for the majority of your readers.

Mistake 2 – Your writing is too formal

Solution 2 – No one wants to read a blog that sounds like a GCSE English exam, make your writing more conversational and people will be more likely to engage. Get rid of unnecessary jargon and try and make your writing style enjoyable.

Mistake 3 – Your writing is too unorganised

Solution 3 – Most people will only skim read your blog so it needs to be set out in a way that makes it clear and easy to find the main points. Make sure your blog has a structure and use a template or headers for different points if it’s needed.


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