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8 Simple Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back

While businesses often direct their attention on attracting new clients, strengthening their connection with existing customers is equally, or perhaps even more important. A loyal customer is not only paying for your products and services but is telling others about you, too.

Here are 9 ways to grow your repeat customer base.

1. Stay in touch.

After the sale, continue to build your relationship instead of setting your sights on the next transaction. Opportunities can include being active on social media, sending customers a special offer, and regularly communicating through email newsletters. However, there is a fine line between keeping in touch and becoming a nuisance. Your communication should be meaningful and have a purpose.

2. Assume they won't remember you.

A customer may have hired you once, but that doesn't guarantee they will think of you the next time they need your services. If you provide services to other companies and you haven't heard from them in a while, reach out and let your contact know you would appreciate their future business.

3. Keep the experience relevant.

Give your customers a reason to shop with you again. Continue to improve your offerings - and remember to articulate to existing customers what's new. Changes and updates are more reasons to keep interacting with your client base.

4. Surprise them.

When someone does something above and beyond, we leave feeling excited, and will likely tell others. This can be as simple as offering special gifts on their birthday or another milestone. Reward them for their business by giving them loyalty discounts or extras when they use your services repeatedly.

5. Collaborate.

Whether it's donating a portion of every sale to a non-profit or hosting a collection for the local food bank, choose an activity that lets customers help with a good deed, so they feel good about doing business with you.

6. Have the right people on the front line.

You can have the best product in the world, but if the person your customer interacts with is not engaging or even worse, unpleasant to deal with, you will drive people away. Make sure you have qualified people on your team. Friendly, efficient, and personalised service should be a standard.

7. Make it easy for customers to reach you.

Don't send them through a lengthy chain of options before they are able to get a person on the line. Make a point of responding to social media comments, emails, and voicemail messages promptly.

8. Listen.

Pay attention when they share feedback and also proactively ask them what they think of your business. Send surveys to customers regarding their opinion about your product and the service they received, and then take the information to heart.


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