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7 Simple Ways to Create Return Customers

Businesses often direct the majority of their attention towards attracting new clients. However, strengthening connections with existing customers is equally, or perhaps even more, important.

Return customers are the lifeblood of any business, and thanks to social media, they have the power to be an online ambassador for your organization. A loyal customer is not only paying for your products and services but is telling others about you, too.

Here are 7 easy ways to grow your repeat customer base.

1. Stay in touch.

After the sale, focus on building the relationship further instead of just moving on the next transaction. Be active on their social media, Email them a special incentive. Do not be annoying though! Communication should be meaningful and well timed.

2. Assume they won't remember you.

You are competing for their attention amidst a million other distractions every day. If you haven't heard from them in a while, reach out and let your contact know you would appreciate their future business.

3. Tell them what's new

Continue to improve your offerings - and remember to tell existing customers what's new. Changes and updates are more reasons to interact with your client base.

4. Surprise them.

When someone does something above and beyond our expectations, we are excited, and will likely tell others. Remembering a customer's name, or sending a special offer on their birthday prompts them to remember you.

5. Do a Good Deed.

Do good things together in the community. Choose an activity that lets customers work with you, so they feel good about doing business with you. Arrange a charity walk for a local cause, of host a charity event at your premises.

6. Listen & Respond

Pay attention to what your customer reviews comment on, and also proactively asking customers what they think of your business. Make a point of responding to social media comments, emails and voicemail messages promptly.

7. Show your appreciation.

Express your gratitude with something as simple as a heartfelt thank you when doing business in person (not just a "you're welcome" if they thank you first).Take it a step further by sending a thank you note or a special reward for a referral.

Bear in mind that building strong relationships takes time, but the payoff is worth the energy.


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