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5 Tips To Maximise Instagram For Small Businesses:

Instagram has the perfect features to help out your small business, even if you’ve just started! If you're wondering how to make the most out of Instagram here are our 5 top tips!

1. Create interactive stories

Instagram stories are the perfect place to post content that you think will increase brand-audience engagement but doesn’t really fit with the aesthetic of your actual feed. You can create boomerangs, use the Q&A sticker to get people interacting, add a countdown for any events/launches etc and even get people voting. Stories are the perfect way to create something simple yet appealing without having to use any crazy creative skills.

2. Post Product Teasers

Whenever you have a new product or service about to launch, make sure your audience know about it! Whether you want to show a sneak peek or reveal the whole product, make sure your audience are excited about it. You could post teasers, snippets from team meetings or even videos and pictures of the production, whatever it is, make sure your followers know all the key information when launch day comes around.

3. Create Special Offers for Your Followers

Random discounts are great, but exclusive deals for your followers are even better. You could use promo codes or have free shipping to encourage people to get to the checkout even quicker. Not only is this likely to improve sales, account activity increases with people sharing the codes or participating in calls to action to receive the deal!

4. Talk To Your Audience

Two-way communication between a company and their audience helps to build a trust worthy image of your brand and also keeps the all-important account activity up. From sending direct messages, responding to people in your comments or even using Instagram live to show the behind the scenes, these are just a few ways to keep communication going. If you really wanted an insight into what the consumer thinks, you can ask their opinion on products, designs, or anything you want to know about (Instagram stories are the perfect way to do this!)

5. Add a Link to Your Bio

Everything should be made as simple as possible for an online business. That’s where having a link in your bio comes in. This means that once potential customers have finished scrolling through your feed and decided they want to buy something, they can quickly and easily get to your website with no hassle. Our top tip is avoid putting links in the comment section as they won’t be clickable and no one wants to waste time copying them.

There's so much a small business can do with Instagram to help grow, don’t hesitate to try out the tips listed to find your best working Instagram features to help you do this.


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