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5 Strategies to Create the Perfect Call-To-Action:

Using calls to action are an extremely effective way to increase conversions from your marketing campaigns and Social Media posts. But it’s more than just telling people what to do like most might think.

The perfect CTA must include these three key elements: urgency, education, and specificity.

Keep on reading if you want to learn how to write the perfect call-to-action that will hook your audience and increase your conversions.

1. Use strong verbs

In the case of CTA’s, the stronger the verb, the better. Different verbs should be used for different purposes. Below are examples of verbs and when you would use them:

  • eCommerce: Order, buy, shop, save, reserve, add to cart, view, pick

  • Giveaways: Download, grab, claim, take advantage of, get

  • Newsletters: Join, subscribe, sign up, refer

  • Non-profit: Donate, commit, adapt, give, volunteer

2. Create a sense of urgency You need to remember to have a sense of urgency when writing CTA's as this is what really encourages your customers to listen to you. Limiting time usually entices users to respond more. “Call us today” implies urgency much more than just “Call us.” Or “Register for your spot before it fills up!” makes the experience feel exclusive and the reader feel important. 3. Can the reader tell the benefit?

Reader's care what's in it for them, why would they waste their time entering a giveaway if they don’t know the prize first. Use language that inspires emotion and enthusiasm. It’s not about your business, it's what your business can do for them.

4. Make it stand out

On your website, whether it’s a button, or a pop-up box, you’ve got to make it stand out. It’s not possible to do this on every social media platform, of course, but emojis or line breaks can give you some control to make that CTA pop from the rest of the text.

5. If it doesn’t work, try again!

It may take a while to find out what works best for your business and customers, swap the words, images and placement and see what drives traffic the best.


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