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School Fundraising Advertising

Unlock New Marketing Possibilities With Get Dynamic and Digital!

How Does it Work?

Our concept is simple yet powerful. We offer a win-win solution where your business can advertise  outside your local school, effectively reaching your target audience while supporting the growth of a local institution. Each advert will be placed on a 1.5m x 2m weatherproof and durable board, the fee includes:


  • creation of the advert

  • professional printing

  • installation of the advert using durable, weatherproof materials

  • any maintence needed throughout the year


Businesses can opt for an annual renewal of their advertising space, ensuring continuous exposure and visibility for their brand.


Benefits For Businesses?

Increased Brand Awareness- The boards will be strategically placed to ensure maximum exposure to the thousands of individuals who pass by your local school each day, including parents, students, and the wider community.

Professional Artwork - Our team will collaborate closely with your business to craft an attention-grabbing advertisement, guaranteeing it leaves a lasting impression.

Year-Round Exposure - Your business will have the opportunity to advertise for the entire school year, providing consistent exposure to potential customers, you will also have the opportunity to renew your contract and the end of the year.

Community Engagement - Local businesses often thrive when they are seen as supporting community activities, like education.

Traffic Generation and SEO - If your website is mentioned in the ad, it can drive more traffic to your site. This can help you reach more potential customers or allow people to learn more about your products and services before visiting your store. It can also positively impact your local search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts, helping your website appear higher in local search results.

Promotions and Events - You can use the ad space to promote special offers related to your business which you want to push. 

Implementation Strategy:

Timely Deployment - All advertisements will be positioned outside the school gates at the commencement of each term to guarantee optimal visibility and effectiveness.

*Cancellation Policy - to maintain transparency and protect against costs incurred, a contract will be in place  to outline the terms and conditions of advertising outside the school. Details regarding cancellation, and other relevant policies will be included in the contract.

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