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School Fundraising Advertising

Unlock New Marketing Possibilities With Get Dynamic and Digital!

How Does it Work?

Our concept is simple yet powerful. We offer a win-win solution where local businesses can advertise their business outside your school, effectively reaching their target audience while supporting the growth of your institution. Each advert will be placed on a 1.5m x 2m weatherproof and durable board, the fee includes:


  • Creation of the advert

  • Professional printing

  • Installation of the advert using durable, weatherproof materials

  • Any maintence needed throughout the year

  • Facebook Ads for promotion


Businesses can opt for an annual renewal of their advertising space, ensuring continuous support for the school.



Benefits For Schools?

Financial Support - The funds generated through this initiative will directly benefit your school by supporting various programs, facilities, and extracurricular activities or any other way you see fit. Your school will receive 50% of all funds received (less costs), which we anticipate to be around £12,500 per annum recurring.

Community Partnerships - By engaging local businesses, you'll foster positive relationships and community involvement, which can lead to future opportunities and support.

Promotion of Local Talent - Schools can support local businesses by encouraging students to consider career opportunities in the community, thus promoting local talent retention and economic growth.

Career Development - By involving local businesses, schools can introduce students to potential career paths and create a stronger connection between education and future employment.

Enhanced Community Image - A school that collaborates with local businesses is often viewed as being open to community involvement, which can enhance its image and reputation.

Implementation Strategy:

1. Promotion - We'll initiate a comprehensive advertising campaign for maximum interest and engagement. This will include Facebook ADs, email marketing and social media posts. 

2. Timely Deployment - All advertisements will be positioned outside the school gates at the commencement of each term to guarantee optimal visibility and effectiveness.

We kindly seek approval from the School Governors and the Headmaster to proceed with this exciting fundraising initiative. Our aim is to support your school's growth and resources while providing local businesses an effective advertising opportunity. If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to reach out.

Next Steps:

We propose offering this opportunity to a maximum of 15 businesses on a first-come, first-served basis. With your approval, we will diligently secure local business partnerships and ensure the successful implementation of this fundraising campaign. Our business, a full-service Digital Agency, has significant expertise in this area, as showcased on our website: 

*Cancellation Policy - to maintain transparency and protect against costs incurred, a contract will be in place  to outline the terms and conditions of advertising outside the school. Details regarding cancellation, and other relevant policies will be included in the contract.

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